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Innovation, Respect,Understanding


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North Shore Behavioral Health

Providing comprehensive and individualized behavioral healthcare at a quality level to enable neurodiverse children and families to reach their full potential.

Treatment services are designed to retain or improve functional abilities which have been negatively impacted by the effects of cognitive or functional impairment and are focused on behavior modification and management, social development, and acquisition and retention of developmentally appropriate skills.

Our programs share a primary commitment to provide care, with a strength-based approach, that builds upon our clients' strengths, responds to our clients' concerns, and utilizes natural support systems and community resources.

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Services Provided
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  • Provide accessible, effective and efficient behavioral heathcare services.

  • Engage in active early intervention and coordination of services to reduce the impact of behavioral health disorders.

  • Evaluate and plan the behavioral needs for each individual.

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  • Advocate for the rights and needs of individuals with behavioral health challenges.

  • Promote outreach and community opportunities for individuals in the communities we serve.

  • Continually measure the progress and outcome of services to provide quality assurance, effectiveness and accountability.

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At North Shore Behavioral Health we strive to provide services that are designed to increase functional communication, socialization and daily living skills in the children and youth we serve.

Interventions that are designed to promote mental, emotional, and behavioral health frequently involve directly strengthening children's competencies and positive mental wellbeing, and also strengthening family, peer, and community opportunities, supports and foundations.

Our Values

  • Integrity - Honest and sound moral and ethical principals

  • Respect - Unconditional acceptance and courtesy

  • Understanding - Empathetically aware

  • Excellence - Surpass ordinary expectations

  • Accountability - Assured reliability

  • Confidence - Trustworthiness and belief in one's own abilities

  • Positive - Strength based perspective - inspiring hope


Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

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How to get in contact with us.

Wilton Office

300 Main Street

Wilton, ME 04294

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1146

Wilton, ME 04294

Phone (207)860-4095

Fax (207)860-4096

Thank you for contacting North Shore Behaviroal Health. Someone will contact you shortly.

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