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About us:

North Shore Behavioral Health, LLC., is an authorized Maine State Children's Behavioral Health Service Provider offering in-home and community support services. Our programs share a primary commitment to provide care with a strength-based approach that builds upon our clients' strengths, responds to our clients' concerns and utilizes natural support systems and community resources. 


Current management personnel of North Shore Behavioral Health has over 10 years combined experience providing exceptional services and has since gained an excellent, personal reputation with various health care professionals throughout York County. Experience includes knowledgeable functioning of proper procedural guidelines and all forms and documentations required by the state of Maine to become a leading authorized agent as outlined in the MaineCare Benefits Manual.

North Shore Behavioral Health Services offers Cumberland and York County, qualified residents, Maine State Section 28 MaineCare, Rehabilitative and Community Support Services for Children with Cognitive Impairments and Functional Limitations (RCS). We provide premier Rehabilitative and Community Services (RCS) for children or youth up to the age of 21 who have a developmental disability that affects their everyday functioning (Ex. Autism Spectrum Disorders & Intellectual Disability). Services will be provided in individual or group settings by producing quality in-home and community based behavioral healthcare services that are intended to help the child function more efficiently in home and throughout their community through working on goals identified in a specified Individualized Treatment Plan.


All services are MaineCare funded through the Office of MaineCare Services. Other resources may be available for those who do not meet MaineCare requirements. Please contact North Shore Behavioral Health directly for more information. 

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